Friday, April 23, 2010

Taking a walk through our Florida neighborhood

Yesterday, Bob & I went for a long walk through our neighborhood. Everything we saw was just so pretty I had to capture it with a photo.

This is a view of our backyard taken from the lanai. The water is a retention pond used as a nature preserve filled with many birds, ducks, and cranes.

I think every type of wild grass grows in this climate as well.

A sampling of the various palm trees.

A view of one of the 27 golf courses in the Villages. Way in the background is the Club House to this particular course. This is a Champion golf course..way too big for me!

Another palm tree at a neighbor's home..They are so pretty to look at.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Just having fun..

Russ & Penny spent a few days with us in Florida. Before they left for home, we decided to spend a relaxing afternoon at Lake Sumpter, one of the two main squares in the Villages.

We didn't have to twist their arm to rent a golf cart for the time spent here. They had a great time touring the area.

We stopped in at this really cute restaurant where the specialty of the house was 'gator tails. Russ just HAD to try them. We all sampled it and tasted a lot like chicken!

After searching around for our friend, Bob, we finally found him snoozing in a comfortable chair. Couldn't resist snapping this photo.

Meanwhile..back at the restaurant... Penny & I decided to have the BIGGEST margarita I've ever seen!! Note the size of the glass!

A really fun time was enjoyed by all.. Thanks for visiting, Russ & Penny.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Here we are in the Sunshine State!

This year we decided to spend some time in our favorite vacation spot..the Villages in Florida.

We had so much fun last year for a week stay so this year we are spending a month. This is the home we rented.

The house comes with a golf cart. One drives the cart around to get anywhere. It's not only is fun!

One of the beautiful sunsets taken from our golf cart on a trip home .

Of course we had to visit our Franklin neighbors, Bob & Diane. They moved down to Florida in December. They love their new place.

There is live music every evening in both of the downtown squares. Spotted this guy on the street looking very cool in his shades!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Grandparents' Day with Shaelin..

I always dreamed of the day I could go to a "grandparents day" with my grandchild and one day last week I was given the chance to do it! It turned out to be a really fun day at Shaelin's school.

Here he is hamming it up with his best friend, Alex.

We all went outside for a quick recess where Bob got to play a game of soccer.

Shaelin, Alex, Carter, and Bob getting ready to make a goal. They have a huge field to play and run.

Here we sat through the phonics lesson for the day.

The class all had instruments and played a cute ditty for their guests. All in all it sure was fun and I am looking forward to doing it again next year!