Tuesday, September 29, 2009

More Summer Happenings.

This summer also included a grand farewell to our closest friends, Bob & Diane. Even though they won't be moving South until December, we decided to have our party for them during the warm month of August.

One of our friends baked this beautiful and original cake.
Diane became very teary-eyed through all of the festivities.

All together, I counted at least 60 friends who stopped by to wish the Ciras a fond Farewell!

Good bye and Good Luck to our South Bound Friends! You will be missed.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Pictures of Summer...

Earlier this month, Kim made a visit to Milwaukee. As a family we decided to take a cruise on the Milwaukee Edelweiss which travels along the river.

Before boarding the boat, Bob managed to pose for a picture of he and the Fonz!

Here are Kristine, Brian, and Kim sitting up front enjoying the beautiful weather.

Mr. Shaelin acted as the ship's photographer snapping away at the scenery.

Here is a shot of just one of the many condo units along the Milwaukee River.

The skyline of downtown Milwaukee. It was a fun time on board the Edelweiss.