Monday, December 27, 2010

Additional pictures of the Jingle Bus Christmas Tour
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Jingle Bus Christmas Light viewing. Posted by Picasa

Monday, October 25, 2010

Autumn in Wisconsin

On a beautiful Sunday, about a week or so ago, Bob & I took a ride to view the autumn colors.

We went to Holy Hill about an hour away from town. We happened to get there just as a Mass was ending and a massive crowd of visitors were following a priest in a procession.

I believe the priests and his altar boys were marching along the paths where many grottos are nestled in the hills. The choir was singing while they walked by.

Here is a view from atop the Holy Hill road.
And another..

As much as I dread the cold weather that is approaching us, there is nothing more spectacular than Wisconsin's Autumn!!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Visitors from Alaska

My Aunt Sophie & her daughter, Therese are visiting Milwaukee for a few days. I decided to join them for a little tour of downtown.

Here they are, along with my aunt Sylvia and cousin, Dolores, standing on the balcony of the Discovery Museum. Skylight of the city behind them.

A prety view of Lake Michigan.

After the museum they wanted to visit and shop at Usingers to buy meats and sausages they don't have available in Anchorage.

After loading up with goodies, we stopped to have our picture taken outside the shop. What a fun time we had. It's always good to see relatives that live so far away.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Introducing...Cactus Bros Band!

They're a little bit country...and a little bit rock 'n roll. Brian & Mike presented a new sound recently at the House of Harley Labor Day Rally!

Brian & Mike harmonizing one of the many familiar songs.

Friend Eric came on stage to do a new rendition of an old tune..sounded quite good.

New member on the left, Sean, Matt, from MC band, and the boys. I really enjoyed listening to them. I think the crowd enjoyed it as well.. Good Luck, guys!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Shaelin on a Harley!

The other day, while Mike was over with Shaelin, Uncle Brian stopped over on his Harley. Of course Shaelin wanted to go for a ride.

Here he is giving the "thumbs up.
It looks like they were both looking out for traffic. They never left the drive-way but Shaelin loved pretending!

Hold on tight!
The make-believe ride was over and Shaelin had a blast!
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Happy Birthday, Mike!

For the past 3 or 4 years, we have gone to Benihana's for Mike's birthday dinner. So this year we decided to keep the tradition going.

This was our "personal chef", Enrique, doing his thing to entertain us.

He is really getting into the chopping and dicing and slicing of all the wonderful and delicious food.

The salad was very fact the entire meal was quite scrumptious!

After the meal, the waiter took our photo and I must say it turned out quite well. A fun time shared by all!
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Monday, July 19, 2010

Fun at the Playground...

Taking Shaelin to the playground never gets tiring. He and grandpa were just "hanging" out at the different apparatus.

Look at the face of determination!

Now it was grandpa's turn to slide across!

I only wish I could bottle up all the energy little kids have. Even in high 80's temperatures!

Sneeking up on Shaelin and Granddaddy!

I spotted Bob & Shaelin down at the creek behind our house with a loaf of bread in their hands and having fun feeding all the fish. I thought these photos were awfully cute.

I like the stance on Shaelin in this picture.

Here they are breaking up tiny pieces of bread to throw in the water.

Before they knew it, they must have had hundreds of fish swarming and jumping up for their treat! Good quality time spent with each other...

Meeting a Brewer in person!

The other evening I had the privilege of meeting Corey Hart, who is a very young and talented ballplayer with the Milwaukee Brewers.

I was given a baseball bat, an autographed photo, and two tickets to a future Brewer game.

Here he is autographing my bat. Because my knowlege of Baseball is for naught, I gave all my winnings to Mike and Shaelin. But all in all, it was still a fun time.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Blame Sally Visits our Home Town!

A wonderful band from San Francisco graced us with their talents at Pride Fest this year.

Monica Pasqual's band, "Blame Sally," performed on The Miller Stage.

What a beautiful sound from this group of ladies,who just happen to be friends of Kim in San Francisco. So glad we got to hear them perform..

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Track & Field Day with Shaelin

Shaelin's entire school gathered at Grant Park to participate in a fun day of competition. Every student had to enter at least one of the events.

The park was was lovely and the weather spectacular!

Even though she is a bit young, Shaelin's little sisiter, Aria, was there to cheer her brothers on!

Shaelin and his buddy, Carter, watching as Sage was warming up for a sprint.

Shaelin's teacher was very busy doing 'stats..'

There goes Sage running to the finish line...taking 2nd place! Yea!!

Shaelin's Buggy Race

I think this is the cutest race I have ever watched. Shaelin was paired up with a partner and they had to go along the route picking up their baby, getting baby and themselves dressed, and then racing to the finish line. It was very sweet.

Here is the happy couple getting ready. His partner's name was Trista.

On your mark.....Get Ready....

Go! Here is Shaelin getting into his manly duds.

After getting completly ready to go, he couldn't get Trista to pick up the pace. So he called her over, plopped on her hat and rushed her to the end of the route...

And they took first place! There they are up in the lead wearing the green jacket. What fun to watch these little ones having a great time.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

OMG..a Hole-in-One!!

While golfing Thursday at Brookfield Hills, I came to the 16th hole and had the surpise of my life.

I had a hole in one! It happened while golfing in our Couples League so I had 'witnesses.'

No..I didn't win the car! But the course did give me this magnificent trophy along with putting my name in the Milwaukee Journal. I indeed had my "moment of fame."