Monday, June 29, 2009

More fun at Summerfest

After listening to the music, Shaelin felt like having a little fun in the dancing fountains.

Here he is just getting his toes a little wet and looking to see if anyone would get upset!
Well he had to go a little further and then really got into it.

Uncle Brian didn't have to twist his arm for a ride on the sky glider..YIKES!

The brave duo showing off their biceps! It was a fun day at Summerfest.

Summerfest 2009

You know it's summer when the Biggest Music Festival begins...

This year we stopped down to the lakefront to hear one of the many bands Mike plays with during his spare time..Andrew Gelles Band.

They had an early time slot so we were able to take Shaelin along with us.

Here is Mike getting ready to do his drum solo.

If you look real close between the guitarist on the right and Mike, you will see Shaelin coming on stage to get the drum sticks from his dad!

Here is a shot of the leader of the group, Andy. Great sounding music!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Milwaukee Iron

We went to watch an indoor football game at the Bradley Center where the Milwaukee Iron was playing.It just seemed strange to watch a football game inside a building!

As I looked around the arena, I spotted a familiar face in the house band.Yep..Mike was filling in for the drummer that evening!

The team has alot of stuff going on which kept the crowd awake.

One of the Iron players posing for a picture.

To be very honest..the only reason we went to this game was to listen to Mike play.I think I'll stick to watching the Packers outside!

And yet..another visitor!

We had a busy week visiting with my mom's youngest sister, Sophie, who flew in from Anchorage AK.

We drove to Princeton where she was staying with another sister, Irene, and her family. Here she is sitting at the table with Uncle Harry and a few of his huge family.

A plaque I spotted in Aunt Irene's kitchen which I found very funny! It's always fun visiting with the Treders!

We had some more family over for lunch one day. Here Aunt Sophie is chatting with Bob while I was waiting for the rest of our guests.

From left..Dick, Pat, Tom, Aunt Sylvia (another sister), Aunt Sophie, Brian, and Bob. We had a really fun visit just catching up with "family news!"

Visits from Family & Friends

After getting a recommendation from Mike, as to a good place to take out of town visitors to eat,we decided on Tess located on the East side of Milwaukee.

This restaurant turned into a "diamond in the rough"located in a quiet residential part of town.

The food was delicious. I had a wonderful salmon dish..

We sat on the outside patio with friends we met on our South African trip..Mike & Kerry.

After dinner we came over to our house for dessert and lots of conversation! It was great seeing them again.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Lawn Maintenance Crew

After returning from church one Sunday, we came home to find a handsome team of lawn maintenance "men "busy at work in our yard.

Here is the 'father & son pair' riding the mower, cutting, and airifying the grass.

The helper on the right was rather short..but very strong!

Here they are removing all the grass clippings and lifting them onto a trailer.

The short guy, who happened to be Shaelin, decided to let his dad finish up the job with grandpa while he supervised.