Saturday, October 24, 2009

Fall Foliage at its Finest!

After 2 full days of rain, rain, and more rain, Saturday bestowed some beautiful sunshine on our neighborhood. Bob & I decided to walk to a nearby woods to soak in the color.

A neighbor's beautiful tree in full golden hues.

The woods just about a mile from our house with a creek running through.

I took my camera and looked up to peek through the leaves of this beauty.

The "carpet" of fallen leaves that had every autumnal color imaginable!

We were both in awe at the beauty that Mother Nature bestowed on us this day.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Meeting up with Kim in Madison

Kim's work brought her to Madison this week and on Thursday, Brian, Bob, & I decided to drive up and spend the day with her. Because of the showery day, we thought it would be fun to tour our state Capitol building.

It's funny that none of us had ever really seen this magnificent structure.

We learned that the dome in the ceiling of the rotunda is the largest in diameter in North America.

One of the high courts inside the building.

Kim met up with a very good friend,Beth, whom she hadn't seen in many years . By coincidence she too was in Madison that day. We met her for dinner that evening and spend hours just 'catching up!' When we left for home, we felt it was a really fun day.

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