Monday, July 19, 2010

Fun at the Playground...

Taking Shaelin to the playground never gets tiring. He and grandpa were just "hanging" out at the different apparatus.

Look at the face of determination!

Now it was grandpa's turn to slide across!

I only wish I could bottle up all the energy little kids have. Even in high 80's temperatures!

Sneeking up on Shaelin and Granddaddy!

I spotted Bob & Shaelin down at the creek behind our house with a loaf of bread in their hands and having fun feeding all the fish. I thought these photos were awfully cute.

I like the stance on Shaelin in this picture.

Here they are breaking up tiny pieces of bread to throw in the water.

Before they knew it, they must have had hundreds of fish swarming and jumping up for their treat! Good quality time spent with each other...

Meeting a Brewer in person!

The other evening I had the privilege of meeting Corey Hart, who is a very young and talented ballplayer with the Milwaukee Brewers.

I was given a baseball bat, an autographed photo, and two tickets to a future Brewer game.

Here he is autographing my bat. Because my knowlege of Baseball is for naught, I gave all my winnings to Mike and Shaelin. But all in all, it was still a fun time.