Sunday, May 30, 2010

Track & Field Day with Shaelin

Shaelin's entire school gathered at Grant Park to participate in a fun day of competition. Every student had to enter at least one of the events.

The park was was lovely and the weather spectacular!

Even though she is a bit young, Shaelin's little sisiter, Aria, was there to cheer her brothers on!

Shaelin and his buddy, Carter, watching as Sage was warming up for a sprint.

Shaelin's teacher was very busy doing 'stats..'

There goes Sage running to the finish line...taking 2nd place! Yea!!

Shaelin's Buggy Race

I think this is the cutest race I have ever watched. Shaelin was paired up with a partner and they had to go along the route picking up their baby, getting baby and themselves dressed, and then racing to the finish line. It was very sweet.

Here is the happy couple getting ready. His partner's name was Trista.

On your mark.....Get Ready....

Go! Here is Shaelin getting into his manly duds.

After getting completly ready to go, he couldn't get Trista to pick up the pace. So he called her over, plopped on her hat and rushed her to the end of the route...

And they took first place! There they are up in the lead wearing the green jacket. What fun to watch these little ones having a great time.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

OMG..a Hole-in-One!!

While golfing Thursday at Brookfield Hills, I came to the 16th hole and had the surpise of my life.

I had a hole in one! It happened while golfing in our Couples League so I had 'witnesses.'

No..I didn't win the car! But the course did give me this magnificent trophy along with putting my name in the Milwaukee Journal. I indeed had my "moment of fame."

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Here come the Harley "dudes"..

Never in my days would I think my sons would some day be riding Harleys! Well, here they are! The other day I pulled up to my house and saw this duo sitting on Harley motorcycles..

Mike, on the left, is riding the motorcycle he bought earlier this year..Brian is riding a bike that he "borrowed" from a very trusting friend..

What you don't hear in this photo is the "purring of the engines.." I have to admit they looked pretty impressive.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Some more highlights of our time in Florida

We weren't sure renting a house for a month in Florida was going to be a good idea, but as it turned wasn't long enough! We are planning on doing two months next year!

It was such fun watching Shaelin swim with his "noodles".

Toolin' around in the golf cart..

Carrying all our 'stuff' down to the pool.

Watching the polo matches on Sunday.

Inviting some old friends over for a fun time.

Highlights of our trip..

Now that we have returned from our month in Florida, I thought I would post some of the more important things that happened

Of course the most fun time was having the entire family fly down and visit Disney World.

There is no better way to see Disney World than through the eyes of a 5 (almost 6) year old!

Touring Minnie's adorable house even brought out the "kid" in us older folks.

Shaelin had a great time on all the rides. He had no fear!

One of the floats in the Main Street Parade. What a magical day it was!