Saturday, January 31, 2009

Having fun in the snow

This afternoon I just happened to pass by the patio and spotted this curious canine in our backyard.

He was awfully cute. At first I thought he was looking for some food.

But I think he was just having fun climbing up and down the snowbanks.

He was keeping a sharp eye on the three squirrels in the trees. After about 20 minutes he took off and I haven't seen him since..

Girls Night Out

Friday evening some friends of mine , Sue & Wendy, took my friend, Kathy & I out to dinner at a very beautiful restaurant. I hadn't seen them in quite awhile so it was alot of fun.

The food and desserts were spectacular.

And the conversation ..delightful!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Shaelin's Christmas visit...finally.

Because so much has been happening to us since the start of the New Year, we haven't seen Shaelin in sooo long. He came over and spent the day with us on Sunday.

It seems like he grew up before our eyes! We celebrated Christmas all over again -only now- with him.

Here he is trying out his Nerf Bow & Arrow set.

He seemed mesmerized by his aquarium with the moving cars.

Here he is goin' fishin'..

Shaelin took time out to give Auntie Kim & Uncle Brian a call and say hi.

The" Big 60 " for our friend, Bob

Saturday marked a landmark for our friend, Bob. A few friends gathered for a little celebration.

Yep..Bob turned the big 60!

Here he is opening a few of his gifts and having a great time.

See no evil..Speak no evil..Hear no evil? Or could it just be Moe, Curly, and Larry???

Friday, January 9, 2009

Christmas away from home.

Here is one the beautiful churches in San Francisco where we all went to Mass.

It seemed different to be away.

But it indeed was a beautiful service.

By the end of our trip, this picture kind of sums it up on how we all felt..
Happy New Year to everyone!

The Holidays in San Francisco

For the most part, we had a wonderful Christmas and New Year's celebration in San Francisco.

Everything we did kind of revolved around great food!

Kim and I did a brief shopping trip downtown where the stores were beautifully decorated.

Then, of course, we had lunch!

The skating rink downtown was filled to capacity.

One of the evenings we had a cocktail in a very unique Tiki bar where we watched a rainstorm take place inside the restaurant right before our eyes.