Monday, March 30, 2009

Visit to the Golf Dome

Bob & I took a ride to the Currie Park Golf Dome this morning just to get into the "swing of things."

Here is a photo of one of the fairways on the golf course. See the flag in the distance?

Because of the fairly warm temperatures, the snow is quickly melting.

The main entrance to the golf dome.

I spotted this Tiger Woods 'wannabee' in one of the Golf stations!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Happy Birthday, Bob.

A few friends joined Bob & me for a special birthday dinner in Bob's honor.

We chose a 50's diner where they had lots of memorabilia

Here is the 'Birthday Boy' posing with one of his favorites.

An Early April Fool's Joke?

This is how it looked this morning when we drove to chuch.

The visibility was very poor with total blizzard conditions.

We had about a 6 inch snowfall that covered the entire state.

Our friends, Bob & Diane laughing at the snow knowing that they will be moving down to Florida in a few months and won't miss it one bit!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Saturday Night at the Bowling Alley

After a hard day's work, we took Shaelin with us to the bowling alley.

Because he wasn't able to bowl, he found it fun to hang out in the video game room.

He "played" nearly all the games even though he didn't spend a cent!

Later Shaelin took some pictures in the bowling alley. He thought the back of this shirt was pretty cool.

He also took this photo of Bob & Kathi while they were bowling. We all had a fun time.

Busy at work..

Mr. Shaelin came over and spent the weekend with us. Saturday he helped his dad and Bob remove carpeting from our bedroom.

He wore his hard hard so he wouldn't get hurt.

He was kept busy by picking up all the tacks from the floor.

Oops..the hat got a little big for his head! He certainly was a good helper.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Out with some Bykowski clan

Last evening we met up with a couple of the Bykowski siblings; Jeff (in from Maryland), and Rick.

Here is a photo of the smiling twosome!

We went to a very loud Sport's Bar where the entertainment was a couple of bagpipers.which then made the place even LOUDER!

I had a very healthy baked fish & wild rice dinner that included some edible flowers.Mmm good.
We had a really nice visit..

Friday, March 13, 2009

Miami..Land of the Rich & Famous!

After Orlando, we spent a week in Miami where it seemed everyone had some kind of a yacht!

We went on a tour with Jim & Kathi's son, Jason

This is where Jason calls "home"..a high rise in the center of downtown.

You just can't capture the magnificent color of the ocean.

Can you believe a waterfall on one of the greens?

More photos...

Kathi & I just getting our toes wet in the ocean in Miami

Just one of the many many golf courses we visited

A very serene lake full of gators!

Some friends, who live in the area, had us over for a wonderful Friday fish dinner.

Villages in Lady Lake Florida

We stayed in the Villages for a week and rented this beautiful house.

The four of us just soaking in the sunshine.

We shared the house with our friends, Jim & Kathi.

We had a full kitchen & dining room.

Our bedroom overlooking the downtown square.

Home from Florida..First stop..DownTown Disney

We returned home late Tuesday night. I thought I'd better post some photos so everyone will believe that we really were gone!

Our very first stop was a quick visit to Downtown Disney. It is quite the place with all the make believe everywhere.

My favorite animal peering out at us. He wasn't quite like the ones we saw in South Africa!

Here is Bob posing with a huge Star Wars character. Everything in the store is made with Legos.

A cute and friendly dragon just swimming around.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Our Florida Trip

Just to let everyone know that we are here in Florida but are unsuccessful in getting the ability to downhold any photos to post. As of today, all is going well with us. The temperatures have dropped somewhat but it still remains sunny and clear. Warmup should begin tomorrow. But so far we haven't encountered any icy roads or snow drifts!! When we return home on the 10th, I will then send some pictures. Maybe we will decide to pick up a laptop while here and then we wouldn't have this problem. Bob is enjoying the many golf courses. He is 'holding his own' with playing more of the Executive courses instead of the Championship. Because I can't golf yet,I do drive a mean golf cart!!