Sunday, December 27, 2009

Shaelin's first Christmas Concert

The other night we had a chance to see and hear Shaelin sing in his very first Christmas concert held at his school. Because we were not allowed to take photos or video, I did manage to SNEEK these shots...

He is the cutie wearing the white shirt and suspenders in the front row. He and his class were singing Away in the Manger.

He spotted us in this photo so I tried to act like I didn't see him.

After his performance was over, we had a tour of his classroom.

He wanted Grandpa to sit down at his table.

Shaelin and his teacher, Mrs. Sass. What a fun time it was to hear Shaelin and his entire school singing and reciting the Christmas story..all by memory!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Girls day out in the Windy City!

Last Sunday, my friends, Judy, Kathi, and I decided to take Diane out on the town to do a little shopping and Holiday Lights viewing in Chicago. Despite the low temps, it was quite enjoyable.
Because Diane will be moving to Florida next week, we wanted to give her one last taste of cold weather.

Here we are dressed in many layers of clothing posing in Macy's.

One of the many many Christmas trees in the Museum of Science and Industry.

A quartet of German fellows entertaining the passers-by.

Macy's indoor tree reaching over 9 floors high!

The lights on Michigan Ave. were quite spectacular. It was a fun day in the Big City.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Beautiful SanFrancisco

Clear skies and light breezes stayed with us all the while we visited Kim.

St. Patrick church with a magnificent backdrop.

Walking down a street we took in these lovely flowers.

Macy's at night.

We stayed at the Hilton and this was the view from our room.

Kim made use of all our manpower and quickly put them to "use." Her new condo looked great.

Let's Party!

After months of planning, Kim finally had her 40th birthday celebration..and it was truly a success!

Here Kim & BZ are soaking in the sounds of the band...Mississippi Cactus. She flew the band members in just for her party.

A guest friend of the band, now living in San Francisco, sat in on a set playing a mellow sax.

Mike, sporting a great smile, having a blast.

Monica showing her talents on her accordian.

Heidi , Margaret, and their hubbies hamming it up for the cameras.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Meet the Author

The Book Group I belong to got together this past Monday evening and it was my turn to host it.
It was the first time that everyone could make it.

The book we chose to read was "While My Sister Sleeps"..and we were fortunate enough to have the author, Barbara Delinsky, join us as a guest speaker....

by phone! We called her personal cell number and she was gracious enough to talk with us for an hour! We put her on speaker-phone and the questions began flying. How fun it was to speak with a "real" author who sounded like she could fit right in with our group.

When the evening ended, we posed for a group picture that we will enclose in our thank you card
to Barbara Delinsky. What a fun evening it turned out to be.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Shaelin on a sunny Sunday afternoon..

Our favorite visitor spent a weekend with us. What a beautiful day it was. Lots of sunshine and exploring going on.

Here is a picture of "the apple of my eye."

Shaelin took my camera out in the yard to capture anything exciting or dangerous!

Here he found a very appealing catterpillar and snapped this great picture.

After running off a ton of energy outside, he and his dad relaxed..

To watch the Packers lose..again!

Meet Ranger!

After my friend, Vonnie and her family had to sadly put their lovable Riley down last summer, they immediately decided to get a new "family member".

Here is Ranger..a lovable black lab. He is barely 8 weeks old and just learning to walk. What a cutie he is!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trick or Treat...

Saturday was Trick or Treat in our neighborhood. It was super fun because it fell on Halloween.

This ghoulish character popped up on our front lawn!

Here I am in my Halloween finery (3 layers of clothing underneath) getting ready to pass out the goodies to the "trick-or-treaters" brave enough to step up to our front door!

Of course we can't forget the "Master Monster of the House, who lives for this day every year. I think we get the biggest kick out of scaring the wits out of the adults who accompany the little ghosts and goblins..It's truly a Scream!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Fall Foliage at its Finest!

After 2 full days of rain, rain, and more rain, Saturday bestowed some beautiful sunshine on our neighborhood. Bob & I decided to walk to a nearby woods to soak in the color.

A neighbor's beautiful tree in full golden hues.

The woods just about a mile from our house with a creek running through.

I took my camera and looked up to peek through the leaves of this beauty.

The "carpet" of fallen leaves that had every autumnal color imaginable!

We were both in awe at the beauty that Mother Nature bestowed on us this day.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Meeting up with Kim in Madison

Kim's work brought her to Madison this week and on Thursday, Brian, Bob, & I decided to drive up and spend the day with her. Because of the showery day, we thought it would be fun to tour our state Capitol building.

It's funny that none of us had ever really seen this magnificent structure.

We learned that the dome in the ceiling of the rotunda is the largest in diameter in North America.

One of the high courts inside the building.

Kim met up with a very good friend,Beth, whom she hadn't seen in many years . By coincidence she too was in Madison that day. We met her for dinner that evening and spend hours just 'catching up!' When we left for home, we felt it was a really fun day.

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

More Summer Happenings.

This summer also included a grand farewell to our closest friends, Bob & Diane. Even though they won't be moving South until December, we decided to have our party for them during the warm month of August.

One of our friends baked this beautiful and original cake.
Diane became very teary-eyed through all of the festivities.

All together, I counted at least 60 friends who stopped by to wish the Ciras a fond Farewell!

Good bye and Good Luck to our South Bound Friends! You will be missed.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Pictures of Summer...

Earlier this month, Kim made a visit to Milwaukee. As a family we decided to take a cruise on the Milwaukee Edelweiss which travels along the river.

Before boarding the boat, Bob managed to pose for a picture of he and the Fonz!

Here are Kristine, Brian, and Kim sitting up front enjoying the beautiful weather.

Mr. Shaelin acted as the ship's photographer snapping away at the scenery.

Here is a shot of just one of the many condo units along the Milwaukee River.

The skyline of downtown Milwaukee. It was a fun time on board the Edelweiss.