Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wednesday night choir--I mean golf practice!

Because our choir doesn't rehearse in the summer, our director decided to plan a golf outing for anyone interested. We have some people new to golf this year who are using this time for practice..and loving it!

Every Wednesday we are attracting more and more. This particular night we had 13 who joined us for a quick 9 rounds.

Here are 3 of the newcomers.

These guys are keeping watch while waiting to tee off.

After a fun time on the links we always manage to find a cute place to grab a bite to eat. This is a new Mexican restaurant that opened in June.

We all ate great food and drank wonderful magaritas. We will continue meeting for golf on Wednesday nights until choir practice resumes in the Fall.

Partying with the pig!

Last weekend our neighbors, Scott & Sara, held their 2nd annual block party. There had to be a hundred people from all around our subdivision.

Scott really went all out this year and contacted the fire department to put on a demonstration.

He even called the Police Dept. who brought over the drug-sniffing "canine unit."

One of the spits held 22 whole chickens which were golden and ready to eat.

I guess you could say this was the guest of honor..all 80lbs. of him.

Everone invited brought a dish to pass and believe me, there was enough food to feed an Army!
We had a great time . It's always a nice way to meet new neighbors.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Hodge-Podge pictures of Mr. Shaelin!

The other Saturday, while we were at the Fair, I randomly snapped away..taking different shots of Shaelin.

Here he is chomping on a delicious turkey drumstick and still keeping an 'ear' on his dad drumming away on stage.

Doing his favorite thing...talking!

Hamming it up with the camera!

I don't remember what brought on this expression!

Music, music, and more music

This year, Mike played alot of shows at the State Fair with Andrew Gilles Band.

The band played at the Charcoal Grill RoadHouse Stage.

Even though we had to dodge raindrops, the band sounded great.

The other night we made another visit to Delafield where Brian was entertaining diners at a very cute pub called Revere's.

It was basically,a really old house converted into a beautiful vintage restaurant. He played, along with two friends, nothing but guitars . It was very enjoyable and we will return to hear them again.

Monday, August 3, 2009

They're B..A..C..K !!

Brian is back in town and a week ago Mississippi Cactus decided to put on a 'Reunion' Show.

They played at the same club where they had their 'Farewell' Show.

After about a half hour the crowd was really getting into the music and the dance floor was packed.

The music was non-stop.

The guys were so full of energy that it seemed they never were apart for nearly a year. We stayed till the music was over at around 2:00AM., but really had a fun time.